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ExFog Antifog – Field Test

ExFog Antifog – Field Test

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The ExFog goggle antifog system got its first major field test on May 20th, 2017 at Blast Camp Paintball and Airsoft. We were cordially invited to attend, and showcase the product, so I had the most recent redesigns manufactured, and we took them over to the Valken Sponsored Airsoft Event.

So, with about two weeks to prepare, I designed some posters, a banner, flyers, table, etc. Also purchased a stand up display (bad idea, as they are no good in the wind as I found out quickly), and most importantly, finished the design of the ExFog product! We have been focused on getting it slimmer and sleeker, and were finally able to get it to be about the same surface area as a credit card, which was really exciting!

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Day One – Friday…

I got there and wind was picking up pretty hard. Along with that, rain and it was quite cold. I found a camping spot, set up our big 12 person tent (didn’t stake down as I figured we would move it when others got there. Bad idea – Wouldn’t recommend), and then headed up to the front to put up our ExFog booth. I had a Coleman “instant up” canopy with screen sides. Right away, it was no good for this kind of wind. The legs were flying around, and if we hadn’t zipped tied it to the fence, I would have been in trouble! So, I ran down to Wally World, grabbed a regular canopy, and a tarp to block the wind, and headed back to set er’ up! So, I was pretty proud of myself at that point, lol. The ExFog booth was preliminarily set up. The tarp was on the fence, and I was ready for the next day!!!

Day Two – Saturday:

Saturday was insane – It rained hard that morning, and cooled down…But the turnout for the event, as always was amazing! Over 450 people, a lot of excitement, and even when the rain was slamming into the late morning, everyone was itching to play some airsoft, and I had a lot of inquiries on the ExFog Antifog units! I sent one main field-tester into the field that afternoon with the new prototype, and kept the other few to show…On high, the fan was set to only 50% as I want to find the “sweet spot”, where we clear fog quickly, but we are not just blowing air around for no reason…As it warmed up that day, humidity kicked up big-time, and it got warmer into the evening…Before evening hit, the wind started getting so out of control that we decided to break down the booth, and it was time to gear up and get in the game! I finally got in around 7pm or so, so the wind was settling down, the heat was really kicking up along with the humidity, and night is always tough for fog buildup, especially if you spend time in the woods as I do…Anyway, as the first tester was wrapping up, he had been in the field all day, and had literally no issues and was very impressed, it was time for me to gear up and get rocking…I am, quite honestly brutal on these units. I am a very high-fogger, and if it isn’t working 100% perfectly for me, than I am not happy, and won’t be either…So after a brutal night of playing, my take was as follows:

  1. The ExFog was extremely light. I did not know it was there.
  2. The lack of noise is both a positive and a negative, as although I can’t hear it, it is hard to tell sometimes if it is on. I suppose that is a good thing, but we are working on ideas for 2nd gen models already…
  3. The negative to me was that it struggled a bit when it got very late, and I was literally pouring sweat…I have already adjusted the prototypes to varying speeds that I will be testing the week of 5/22…
  4. Keep in mind, this is my personal take, as the other field test that day showed very positive.
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Day 3 – Sunday

At this point, the humidity was extremely high, and it was again a fairly warm day…Snipers in the field were complaining of major fog issues, so I gave my second prototype to one of the snipers who struggle with fog…He said it was perfect, and no issues. Over the course of the weekend, I received numerous requests to be able to start reserving this product, which was really exciting feedback, as we are getting ready to flip the switch, to start reserving ExFog units within the next few days…

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